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Mission Earth Matters on Stage (EMOS), founded by Theresa May and Larry Fried in 2004, is a consortium of artists, educators, activists and scholars who believe that theatre and the performing arts must respond to the environmental crisis. EMOS calls forth and fosters new dramatic work and performances that help us re-imagine our human place in a more-than-human world. At the heart of EMOS is the Ecodrama Playwrights Contest, which calls playwrights and theatre makers to engage in the global and local ecological issues that face societies across cultures. The Ecodrama Contest calls for new plays and performances that illuminate global and local ecological issues across cultures. The EMOS symposium fosters dialogue about the intersection of environment, culture, and performance.
Winners of the Ecodrama Playwright's Festival Check back in late summer for the 2015 Winner! Past Winners are listed below: Odin’s Horse, by Chicago playwright Rob Koon
        Winner of the 2004 EMOS Festival, in which a writer learns something about integrity from a tree sitter and a lumber company executive, went on to premier in Chicago in 2006. Song of Extinction, by Los Angeles playwright EM Lewis Winner of the 2009 EMOS Festival, in which a musically talented teen and his father whose mother/wife is dying come to understand the deeper meanings of “extinction” from a Cambodian science teacher. Song of Extinction premiered in Los Angeles and was recently published by Samuel French. Sila, the first play of The Arctic Cycle, by Chantal Bilodeau
        Winner of the 2012 EMOS Festival, in which “a climate scientist, an Inuit activist and her daughter, two Canadian Coast Guard Officers, an Inuit Elder, and a polar bear—see their values challenged as their lives become intricately intertwined.” thirst, by MEH Lewis & Anita Chandwaney
        Winner of the 2015 EMOS festival, in which a fictional Indian village attempts to deal with a very real water crisis.
History of EMOS: EMOS was founded by Theresa May and Larry Fried in 2004. The first EMOS Festival was held in Fall 2004 at Humboldt State University, in Arcata, CA. Winners Odin’s Horse by Rob Koon, and Girl Science by Larry Lobel, received workshop productions in HSU’s Department of Theatre, Film and Dance. Additional readings, workshops and performances were held at HSU and at Dell’Arte Theatre in nearby Blue Lake, CA. The second EMOS Festival took place at on the University of Oregon campus in Eugene, OR, in Spring 2009. Winners of the EMOS 2009 Ecodrama Contest were Song of Extinction, by EM Lewis (first place), and Atomic Farmgirl, by C. Denby Swanson (second place), and both received workshop productions. Song of Extinction went on the win the Steinberg Award for 2009. EMOS 2009 included a ten-day symposia of panels, speakers and workshops. Keynote speakers for EMOS 2009 included performance artist Rachel Rosenthal and noted scholar Una Chaudhuri. In 2012 EMOS was hosted by Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Performing Arts, and organized by Wendy Arons, faculty of CMU’s School of Performing Arts. Winners of EMOS 2012 were Sila by Chantal Bilodeau and Bears, by Mark Rigney. The Keynote speaker was Holly Hughes, performing her "Dog and Pony Show." For more information and/or to view websites for previous conferences please click the Archive link in the menu bar above.

2018 Conference 

2015 Conference

2018 Conference


The 2018 Earth Matters On Stage Ecodrama Festival and Symposium will be held at the University of Alaska Anchorage in April 2018.


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2015 Conference 

Thanks to all the artists, scholars, volunteers, guest speakers, and students who attended the conference at the University of Nevada, Reno and who made EMOS 2015 a success.

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First Place Winner:

thirst by MEH Lewis & Anita Chandwaney

Second Place Winner:

The Autopsy of Honey Bees by Stevie Stern